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Special Father’s Day Adventure Deal – SUP and Sail!

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Special adventure Sunday day offer

This Sunday – forecast is for Sun!

Whether you are a father, know a father, or just want to have some fun (co-ed) please join us for a great multi-sport adventure this Sunday.

Stand Up paddle boarding in the morning on Megunticook (9-11). This two hour session will be a combination of skills and touring, We promise a fun/great work out.

Sailing in the afternoon (1:30-4:30) out of the Trident Yacht Basin in Rockland. We will sail out of Rockland and head out and around Owls Head Light and Monroe Island. There will be plenty of time for instruction and for people to take the helm of Thorfinn, our award winning Presto 30.

After sailing we can enjoy an evening cocktail from the deck of Archers on the Pier, our dockside restaurant with amazing views..

For FB friends the total cost is only $95.00 per person for a full day or $45.00 per person for just paddle boarding and $65.00 per person for just sailing. 6 spots available for each activity

For non-FB friends

$125.00 per person for full day

$55.00 per person for just paddle boarding                                          SUP and Sail - Video

$75.00 per person for just sailing

(207) 322-2293

Cruising World Write Up about Thorfinn Expeditions

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

April 19, 2011 Shallow Waters Welcomeby Elaine Lembo

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Elaine Lembo
Thor Emory conducts his sailing charters aboard Thorfinn, which carries dual carbon masts and wishbone booms.

Outdoor enthusiast Thor Emory’s multi-sport trifecta is a combination of kayaking, climbing, and sailing in remote areas. So it makes sense that the former Outward Bound instructor with an affinity for coastal environments has chosen the innovative, trailerable Presto 30, winner of the CW 2011 Boat of the Year Spirit Award as a platform for custom, multi-day adventures.

With the centerboard up, Emory’s flagship, Thorfinn, designed by Rodger Martin, can venture into waters less than two feet deep.

“We’re focused on going sailing,” he told me when I caught up with him on the docks at the Strictly Sail Pacific boat show last week in Oakland, California. “We can do daysails, multi-day sails, camping ashore, or we can arrange for overnight stays on land,” he said. Though the interior lacks headroom, the boat can handle four people overnight in modest accommodations. On deck, it can handle a crew of six.

North American trip lineup includes charters in the Pacific Northwest, Maine, Bras d’Or Lakes, Florida, Bahamas, and Newfoundland. For more details log on to Thorfinn Expeditions.

Practical Sailor Presto 30 Review

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

PS Reviews the Presto 30 Trailer-sailer


Thorfinn, the Presto 30 sailed for our test, serves as a platform for coastal adventure charters in Maine and Florida.

Subscribers Only Rodger Martin’s Presto 30 is clearly a descendant of the round-bilge sharpies made famous by Ralph Munroe’s Presto and Egret. The origins of the hull and rig date back to a classic American oyster-tonging boat, the New Haven sharpie, which first appeared in Long Island Sound around 1850. Martin wanted the Presto 30 design details to include trailerability and shallow draft. The Presto is 30 feet long and 8 feet, 6 inches wide. With the centerboard up, it draws just 13 inches; with the centerboard extended, it draws 5 feet, 6 inches. The 320 feet of sail area is evenly divided between two sails set on wishbone booms, and while the designer calls it a schooner rig, the maker, Ryder Boats, has deemed it a cat-ketch rig. The Presto’s 1,000 pounds of lead shot in the keel help address this shoal-draft weekener’s tender handicap, but like any shallow-water boat, the Presto will need to be actively sailed in a blow.

Construction Details Presto 30

The cored hull (above) offers stiffness and strength while keeping weight down.

Maine Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) with Thorfinn Expeditions

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

Thorfinn SUP

Get out and go wild with one of the fastest growing sports in America! Paddleboarding (SUP) is an amazing full body workout and an excellent way to cross train. From controlled lake paddling/instruction to fitness paddling, race training and ripping downwinders (power vessel assisted), Thorfinn SUP offers a mix of programs for any ability. Most importantly, we offer a unique way to explore Maine’s Midcoast and Acadia waterways. We also carry the best gear on the planet.

Our experienced staff (Thorfinn was the first SUP program in Midcoast/Downeast Maine) shape paddleboard lessons around participants’ abilities for a balance of fun and challenge. Our guided ocean tours are designed for paddlers with appropriate experience. With Thorfinn Expeditions, you can paddle and surf anything along our rugged coastline – to the glassy lake waters.


* For lakes only unless you get Ocean Certified. Please inquire.

  • $45 for up to 4 hours
  • $60 for a full day
  • $110 for overnight (2 days) – Each additional day $55 – $285 for a week

Rentals include board, paddle, pfd and leash if necessary.

Wetsuit Rental: $5 per 4-hour rental, $10 per day

Gear Drop-off: We can deliver boards in the greater Bar Harbor/MDI, Rockport, Camden, Lincolnville area. $45


Midcoast — Acadia: Lincolnville Beach and Bar Harbor

Thorfinn SUP offers multiple SUP instructional programs from beginner lessons to ocean intro and race training. Most of our SUP programs operate on a custom basis so we can design an experience that meets your goals.

Our standard lesson/tour length is 1.5 – 2 hours — enough time for a thorough gear/safety orientation and plenty of time on the water. Shorter and longer sessions are available. Lessons can be private or up to four participants.

We are now in our third season teaching SUP and we were the first to do so in Midcoast and Downeast Maine. We have taught participants of all ages and abilities and our staff works hard to provide first class SUP education.

Beginner & Basic Instruction

We will teach you the basics of stand up paddle boarding—gear and safety, proper stance and paddle techniques. The price includes a board, paddle, PFD and a leash. We recommend you take a beginner lesson before a fitness lesson or tour. Buy a board and your lesson is free!

Max participants: 4
Duration: 1.5 hours

Cost: $55.00 per person

Fitness & Workout/Race Training

This fun and challenging session combines SUP skills with a fitness workout. In addition to paddling, your instructor will lead you through basic isometric exercises targeting specific muscle groups. Our race training sessions emphasize stroke technique, board control, and developing endurance/speed. You will feel the burn!

Max participants: 4
Duration: 1.5 hours

Cost: $55.00 per person

Intermediate — Advanced SUP

We offer intermediate to advanced SUP skill training on a custom basis. This allows us to adapt to your goals/abilities. We focus on developing more dynamic paddling skills, by combining weight transfer/stance with a variety of strokes that will allow you to maneuver and track in all conditions. We pay special attention to stroke technique and developing your efficiency. Board control in a variety of sea states is also covered. We will get you started on your “downwinder” skills. You will discover board trickery!

Max participants: 2-4
Duration: 2 hours

Cost: $75.00 per person

Ocean Intro

Our Ocean Intro course also operates on a custom basis. This is an appropriate course to take after our intermediate – advanced training. The focus is more on ocean judgment skills than paddling skills/board control. We cover Maine local knowledge (weather), navigation, tides/currents, wave dynamics, safety and gear. This program is designed for the individual who already has a solid skill base and now they want to start ocean SUP touring. The Ocean Intro sets you up well for the more adventurous Thorfinn ocean tours.

Max participants: 2-4
Duration: 2 hours

Cost: $75.00 per person

Maine SUP Tours — Lake And Ocean

Thorfinn SUP offers multiple Stand Up Paddleboarding programs from beginner lessons to ocean tours and race training. Most of our SUP programs operate on a custom basis so we can design an experience that meets your goals and ability level.

Lake Tours — Midcoast and Acadia

Lake tours are a great way to learn new skills and put in the miles in a safe and controlled environment. We recommend lake tours for anyone with limited SUP skills, a moderate fitness level, and the desire to get on a board and just cruise!

Max participants: 4
Duration: 2 hours

Cost: $65.00 per person

Ocean Tours — Primarily Acadia (Mid-May — November)

Ocean SUP Ocean Touring in Maine is world class! We look at the evolution of SUP as akin to skiing. People will seek out Maine as a place to tour and they will need a guide program/school that has excellent gear and staff. Thorfinn is developing one of the most comprehensive SUP touring programs anywhere. From island tours to downwinders and racing, Thorfinn has a SUP experience/program for all levels. We have access to some of the most beautiful paddling spots on the planet!

Note: We are very experienced paddlers (kayak, surfski, SUP). We’ve paddled and led trips all over North America. Here in Maine we paddle year ’round and undertake big crossings in all conditions. This level of experience gives us a solid perspective on guiding ocean tours on the Maine Coast. SUP is physically demanding and requires both skill and judgment. In our opinion the challenging conditions in Maine (fog, rockbound coast, strong currents, cold water and boat traffic) add to the SUP touring experience but these tours are not for everyone. SUP is different from sea kayaking. You are much more susceptible to the effects of wind and current.

Our guided ocean tours operate on a custom basis and are for participants with appropriate skills and fitness. Lake tours are for a broader group of participants. Mornings tend to be best for touring in Maine due to the generally calmer conditions. Skilled paddlers may seek out the breezier conditions and Thorfinn is psyched for that too!

Bar Harbor SUP Tours

Tours of Bar Harbor generally head out in the morning and evening, when conditions are more benign. Experience Frenchman’s Bay & the Porcupine Islands

Max participants: 2-4
Duration: 2 hours

Cost: $55.00 per person

Acadia Custom Tours

Lets plan and undertake something cool! Acadia/Mount Desert Island (MDI) offers so much spectacular paddling; downwinders in Somes Sound, secret gems on “the backside of MDI”, and multiple options in Frenchman’s Bay alone…Our Acadia custom tours are led by Thor Emory and are a highly specialized experience. Thor will incorporate your experience/goals with the weather/tides and create an amazing SUP experience. If you can wear Thor out then your trip is free!

Max participants: 2-4
Duration: 2 hours

Cost: $75.00 per person for 1st 2-Hrs, then $55.00 per person per hour

Ocean SUP with Power Vessel Support

We have access to several commercial power vessels (operated by experienced USCG-licensed Captains). By utilizing a power vessel we can access remote islands, do “Yo-Yo” SUPing (downwinders), and even combine SUP sessions with island picnics. Please contact us for details.

SUP and Sail

Pretty cool and unique! Charter our own Presto 30, the award winning Thorfinn for a full day and we will sail to a good spot in Frenchman’s Bay, drop the anchor, launch our boards and SUP! Thorfinn can even be beached, making for the perfect picnic SUP experience. When the afternoon winds build, we will set sail and tear home. Please contact us for details.


Tahoe SUP – Coreban – Hobie – Kialoa – Quickblade – C4 Waterman

The brands we represent in our store are ones that we use ourselves.  They are designed and built by some of the most accomplished paddlers in the industry.  Whether you are looking for something entry level or elite, our shop is stocked with the boards, boats, paddles and accessories you need; backed up by our staff’s experience and knowledge of each product. Get out. Go wild!

Rockland, Maine Adventure Sailing – Thorfinn Expeditions

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

It is great to be back in the water in Maine! Yesterday we ran our first day sail out of our new homeport of Rockland, Maine. It was a beautiful day with great folks and good wind. We departed from our dock at the Trident Yacht basin and headed out of Rockland Harbor past the Breakwater Lighthouse. After rounding Owls Head we beat upwind and then headed off and skirted some ledges around Monroe Island. After circumnavigating Monroe we headed back to Rockland.

The Maine Coast really is fantastic. Thorfinn has sailed

Monroe Ho!

 in Florida, California, and the Pacific Northwest over the past few months, but our sail around Monroe Island was a visual reminder how special it is here. Come sailing!

Our Summer 2011 programs

will be offered primarily along the Maine coast. Our home waters in Midcoast Maine are perfect for small boat sailing expeditions. With its thousands of spruce-covered islands and granite shorelines, Maine rivals any cruising ground in the world. We can access numerous islands and communities including Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor on Mount Desert Island. 2011 summer expeditions are being offered on a custom basis.

Length: 2-7 Days Max Participants: 4-6 Cost: $575.00

for the boat per day includes all activities and meals aboard 2011 Summer Day Trips

We offer both pre-designed and custom day trips for individuals and groups. From 3 hours to a full day, you will enjoy an experience that takes you out of your everyday life. Here, even a few hours with the sun, the wind, the water and the sky can refresh and recharge like nothing else. Whether sailing around a bay, picnicking on an island, learning skills, or exploring a coastal community, Thorfinn can provide an amazing sailing experience that maximizes fun and adventure. We provide the opportunity to take the helm, trim the sails and explore.      

The Crew back at the Trident Yacht basin, Rockland, Maine



Full Day: 7 hours Max Participants: 6 Cost: $625.00

for the boat includes lunch and snacks ½ Day: 4.5 Hours Max Participants: 6 Cost: $475.00

for the boat includes lunch and snacks Hourly/Evening Sails: Max Participants: 6 Cost: $100.00 per hour

We offer 1-way sails to Midcoast

(minimum of 3-hours except for evening sails which can be 1.5 hours)


Full Day: 7 hours Max Participants: 6 Cost: $625.00

for the boat includes lunch and snacks ½ Day: 4.5 Hours Max Participants: 6 Cost: $475.00

for the boat includes lunch and snacks Hourly/Evening Sails: Max Participants: 6 Cost: $100.00 per hour

We offer 1-way sails to Midcoast

(minimum of 3-hours except for evening sails which can be 1.5 hours)

Full Day: 7 hours Max Participants: 6 Cost: $625.00

for the boat includes lunch and snacks ½ Day: 4.5 Hours Max Participants: 6 Cost: $475.00

for the boat includes lunch and snacks Hourly/Evening Sails: Max Participants: 6 Cost: $100.00 per hour

We offer 1-way sails to Midcoast

(minimum of 3-hours except for evening sails which can be 1.5 hours)