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Thorfinn Technical Adventure Courses for Adolescents (TAC)

Friday, January 20th, 2012

Our Program vessel Thorfinn

Program Area Summer 2012: Maine
TAC courses are designed to be the most active and comprehensive outdoor expeditions available. Come learn technical skills, explore the phenomenal Maine Coast, and experience the adventure of a lifetime. These courses are for motivated, fit individuals who seek a challenging learning experience.

Thorfinn’s mission is to provide uncontrived expeditions that are challenging, physically active, and incorporate outstanding technical skill training.The TAC courses are our most intense offering. You must be physically fit and prepared to fully participate! We will assist you with training and preparing pre-course. For a more relaxed adventure look into out Adventure Travel Expeditions (ATE)

5-day Adolescent Expedition (Ages 16-19) geared towards High School Juniors and Seniors


The 5-day Adolescent course is tough! It is an all-out sprint. Only the motivated should apply. Learn technical sailing, paddle boarding, climbing and expedition skills. Hands on training will be balanced with an aggressive route plan that will allow for both sea and land based adventures. Course themes include leadership, teamwork, environmental awareness, technical skill acquisition, physical fitness, and a particular focus on preparing for the next stage of life (i.e. college/gap year etc.). At the end of this course you will feel tired and satisfied with how much you learned, accomplished and experienced.

Activities: Expedition sailing, stand up paddle boarding, rock climbing (through Atlantic Climbing School), trail running, hiking, island community visits

Skills taught: Boat handling/seamanship, sail trim, steering, navigation including tides/currents, weather, expedition planning, group dynamics/leadership, backcountry cooking, Leave No Trace principles/Trainer course, rock climbing, SUP paddling, basic emergency medicine, risk management, Maine Coast natural/cultural history
W/LNT Trainer certification
Max Participants: 5
Cost: $975.00
Dates: July 2-6, August 6-10

More About Thorfinn Expeditions

People need to adventure. Thorfinn Expeditions facilitates challenging and inspiring programs that foster a greater sense of self, physical fitness, and environmental appreciation. With our exceptional staff and equipment, we have the adaptability and experience to run adventure-based programs for any individual or group. From our retail shop to our outdoor programs, we embody fun, teamwork, learning, and perspiration.

(207) 789-5115

Adventure Sailing/Multi-Sport Weekend Special- June 9-11, 2011

Friday, April 8th, 2011

We’re planning a special Adventure Sailing / Multi-Sport Weekend Friday June 9 to Sunday, June 11.

To kick off our Maine season, we’ll run a sailing-based, multi-sport expedition designed for active adult. We’ll depart from Trident Yacht Basin in Rockland on Friday evening, and we’ll be back by 5 p.m. Sunday, June 11. Naturally, we’ll be aboard our beautiful Presto 30 sailboat, Thorfinn.

ThorfnnThe final details will be based on the weather forecast, but our goal is to strike out under sail and cover plenty of water. We’ll sail, hike, run and explore. The trip will include pulling ashore on islands, sleeping aboard at anchor and just enjoying the nature of the Maine Coast.

We’re promoting a special price for this expedition — $425 a person with a maximum of four persons — because we plan to capture plenty of photos and video to use with Thorfinn Expedition’s promotional materials. The cost includes all meals and on-board activities. If you are someone who enjoys the outdoors, learning and some healthy challenge then join us!

Here’s the tentative itinerary:

Friday Evening: Move aboard Thorfinn, boat/safety orientation, depart and sail across Penobscot Bay to anchorage.
Saturday: Go ashore for a morning run, breakfast onboard, sail to Penobscot Bay destination, go ashore for hike, evening/dinner aboard Thorfinn or ashore on a beach. Sleep aboard. Additional option: night sail!
Sunday: Morning hike/run/walk, sail to lunch stop destination or just keep sailing and head for homeport. Optional dinner/cocktails out after expedition end.

Participants should be active, adventurous, and game for anything. You need to be able to deal with weather, physical exertion, and group dynamics. Sailing, navigation, outdoor skills will be thoroughly covered for interested individuals.

If you’re interested, give us a call or use our contact form to send us an e-mail.

Thorfinn’s Winter 2011 Adventure Sailing Schedule (Florida and the Bahamas)

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

ExploringA very warm summer in Maine has passed and fall has arrived. For the first time since May, I have traded my shorts and flip flops for flannel shirts and pants. Despite many days on the water over the past few months, I can count on one hand how many days that I have worn my Atlantis WeatherGear. Now at the end of September, the air is getting cooler,  leaves are dropping to the ground and the weather systems moving through the Gulf of Maine have more oomph.

Presently, Thorfinn, is in the shop at Ryder Boats getting ready for the Annapolis Boat Show on the Chesapeake. We will be displaying our Presto 30 all 5 days (Oct. 7-11) and after the show we are available for demo sails. The Presto is a fun and unique boat and it is definitely the type of boat that people have to experience to truly appreciate. I have really fallen in love with Thorfinn and I have a blast sharing the boat’s high-performance attributes with others.

After Annapolis we will return to Maine sailing for some burly fall sailing. Personally, I love fall sailing; more wind, less boat traffic and generally there is a “raw” feeling in the atmosphere. You have to bundle up a bit but you can  experience some phenomenal days on the water.

Our winter plans are beginning to take shape. After doing mostly day sails during our first summer, we are going to now focus on developing exciting multi-day expeditions. In mid-January I will haul Thorfinn south. We are currently designing two prolonged expeditions, one in Florida and the other out to the Bahamas. Thorfinn is perfectly suited to Florida and the Bahamas because we only draw a foot of water if we pull up all of our appendages (centerboard, rudder, and engine). We can explore anywhere!

Both expeditions are considered “recon” trips. My primary goal for this winter is to design expeditions that will cover a broad area and allow us to really pinpoint our plans for the 2011/12 winter season. I am really excited about our expeditions this winter because it is really rewarding to experience new areas, meet valuable individuals and gain local knowledge. There is a lot that goes into designing successful trips. You have to analyze access and logistical issues, prevailing weather, hazards, all sorts of fun stuff. You often spend a great deal of time simply talking to people and it is those relationships that can prove so invaluable to future expeditions.

Our Florida Expedition will start on the first of February. We plan to depart from Miami and make our way across Florida Bay and down the Keys, possibly as far as the Dry Tortugas. We will then turn back towards Cape Sable and head up the West Coast to St. Petersburg. We are currently working with Belle and Richard Ryder (our builders– to set up some more demo sailing opportunities during the Florida Expedition. After getting up the west coast we will load Thorfinn and trailer back to Miami where we will store the boat for a few weeks.

In Late March we will head out to the Bahamas. We will have to pick a solid weather window for our Gulf Stream crossing to the islands. It has been several years since I spent any time in the Bahamas so I am really stoked to go back. I am already day dreaming about pulling the boat up on the beach, snorkeling and living the island life.

Soon we will post on our site detailed expedition plans. While both trips will take several weeks, we will design defined legs that would allow participants to join us for short blocks. Feel free to email us  at if you are interested. Both trips are considered “recon expeditions” so we will keep the costs down. Participants for these trips need to be extra adaptable due to the fact that we will be operating in new areas. I can certainly promise some real adventure!

In addition to our winter plans, we are also developing next summer’s schedule (2011). We will block off time for expeditions and day sailing. Most of our multi-day expeditions will be offered in Maine but we will design one in Atlantic Canada, most likely this trip will be in September on the Bra ‘d Or Lakes! Stay tuned…

-Thor Emory

Wednesday Women’s Sailing

Saturday, June 5th, 2010

Thorfinn Expeditions, based out of Lincolnville Beach, will be offering Wednesday Women’s Sailing this summer (June-mid September). Spend the afternoon sailing around Penobscot Bay on the exciting Presto 30 Thorfinn and pick up some skills along the way. Capt. Wendy Jordan, an experienced sailor and educator, will be your facilitating instructor. These afternoon sails are designed for individuals who are seeking a “hands on” adventure. The first Wednesday offering will take place on June 23rd.

Take the tiller, trim the sheets, and enjoy spending time out on the water.


Start and end in Lincolnville Beach

Max Participants: 6

Minimum Participants: 4

Cost: $125.00 per person (organize a group of six and receive a 10% discount)

includes Snacks and refreshments

For more information:

(207) 322-2293

Special: June 23rd rate $100.00 per person