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The Miami International Boat Show

Friday, March 4th, 2011
Thorfinn at the Miami International Boat Show

Docked at the boat show

Going from the Keys to Miami is a real contrast. The slow pace of the Keys is replaced with the hustle and bustle of a big urban environment. Miami is a great area to sail out of. Biscayne Bay offers super sailing and the weather cannot be beat- 80 degrees, sunny, and good breeze. Not bad by northern winter standards.

The Miami Boat Show was a good experience. We were right in the hub for sailboats at Bayside. The Presto 30 definitely stood out. Most of the other sailboats were big cruising catamarans and monohulls. The amount of space, complexity, and expense of these craft boggle my mind. The Presto 30 is more of a sport/adventure cruiser. It is fun, well-built, and transportable (LOW maintenance too). It appeals to someone who enjoys a simple, intimate experience with the environment and the other people aboard, it is perfectly suited to Florida and the Bahamas and our goal for the show was to expose the public to this new design and find some buyers. On the Thorfinn Expeditions end it was also a good opportunity to talk with folks about our sailing programs.

We met some great people at the show and it was fun to wander docks and tents to look at the boats and the latest gear. One boat I really liked was the Corsair 24, a trailerable trimaran. It would be a blast to sail and there is enough room below for a couple of folks to cruise…very quickly.

Aboard Thorfinn

Some new friends out for a boat demo

The show lasted 5-days. Belle Ryder, the builder, and I spent a lot of time soaking up the sun and discussing the various attributes of Thorfinn. A select group of interested sailors decided to join us for our demo sails that we offered after the show back in Coconut Grove, out of Scotty’s Landing.

We did two days of demo sailing and took out about 20 people. Many were experienced local sailors and it was fun to learn more about the scene on Biscayne Bay. There was a good amount of interest in the Thorfinn Expeditions’ programs and I hope to sail with some of these people again on a multi-day trip or day sail.

After the show, it was time to relax with my family. Sarah, Finn and Carver flew in from Maine and we had five days to explore. A highlight was a sail over to Key Biscayne. We found an isolated beach and pulled Thorfinn ashore. After a month apart, it was fantastic to share a beautiful day swimming, laughing, and sailing.

Next Up

Currently I am back in Maine. There is a lot of snow and the temps tonight are forecasted to be below zero. I have to admit that I miss Florida. In eleven days I am headed back down for a couple of more trips. In early April we are going to load Thorfinn back on the trailer and head out on our North American Tour. We will visit California, The Northwest, and the Great Lakes before returning to Maine in mid-May. It will be an incredible experience full of adventure. Please join us if you can!